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2010 HWC Institutes

October 21st & 22nd, 2010 (Full 2 Day institutes)
Phoenix Convention Center –SOUTH PLAZA
33 South Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Questions? Call: 602-954-7995 • Toll Free: 888-388-4HWC • email: [email protected]

Onsite Registration: $250
Onsite Registration will be available for purchase beginning October 20th at 11:00am
All registrations are final. No refund will be granted. Substitutions will be permitted. Substitute cannot be an individual who is already registered for the conference.

October 21st (1 Day event for Junior High/High School Students)
Phoenix Convention Center –SOUTH PLAZA
33 South Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Questions? Call: 602-954-7995 • Toll Free: 888-388-4HWC • email: [email protected]

Student - 1 Day Youth Leadership Institute - no fee (school ID may be required)
Online Registration is Closed - Onsite Registration Opens Oct 20th from 11am to 7pm
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Early Check in begins On Oct. 20, at 11am
Tickets will only be distributed for those events registered for below. Tickets are necessary to attend all sessions, eventing events and luncheons.

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This program is designed for women who are seeking career development,upward professional mobility, life transition and leadership opportunities within their respective communities. Attendees who are seeking employment opportunities and/or workforce option changes or retirees seeking other avenues of employment or volunteer opportunities should also attend these seminars. College students are also welcome into this venue.
Attendees at this institute are in positions of executive management for the advanced caliber of seminar information being offered in leadership style and execution, management decisionmaking and coaching, personal financial acuity and planning, and executive wellness. Examples of professions would be President/CEO/COO/CFO/Executive Directors of their organization, or a member of an executive team who executes policy, program or financial decisions. Women who are elected officials, operate small businesses or non-profit organizations and who are retired from these positions should also attend these sessions.
Para la mujer empresaria quien desea aprender sobre los asuntos de liderazgo, crecimiento profesional y pequeños negocios.
The workshops are designed to motivate and encourage high school students to engage in dynamic sessions which will equip them with the tools and skills necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals. The workshop facilitators are dynamic speakers and presenters who are enthusiastic about sharing their creative wisdom with conference participants. All workshops will be evaluated based on nature of topic, presentation of speakers, and overall benefit/knowledge gained by the students.

Select Your Itinerary
Thursday  October 21st, 2010

8:00 am - 6:00 pm
All E, M, and P Institutes: Rooms 160 +

10:00 am - 11:15 am
Lead your organization with a clear strategy and emphasis on performance excellence. What every leader must know for sustainable career success and effectiveness.
La planificación es uno de los aspectos más importantes a la hora iniciar un negocio. Para tener éxito en los negocios y para todo en la vida, se requiere planificación.
Create a leadership style based on respect, communication, values and selflessness. Build your knowledge about generational diversity and topics such as mentoring and networking in order to work effectively.
In today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment there is more pressure to deliver more with less. Take part in engaging discussions and learn from industry leaders on how to create a culture for success.

11:30 am - 12:45 pm
A dynamic session where certified executive coaches will discuss how Latinas can develop an action plan to address career success, roadblocks and derailment issues.
Qué es una investigación de mercado y que le puede indicar? Cuáles son los beneficios?
What we believe determines our behavior and gives us our results. Change beliefs that get in the way of achieving your goals! Find out what’s stopping you and how to get the results you want.
What we believe determines our behavior and gives us our results. Change beliefs that get in the way of achieving your goals! Find out what’s stopping you and how to get the results you want.
Have an interest in politics and government? Running for office can be very challenging, yet exciting. Being successful requires attention to detail. Learn from experienced officials the do’s & don’ts.

2:15 pm - 3:30 pm
A critical 411…When the going gets tough, what happens? Putting all the pieces together from savings, 401k, retirement, and other investments. Build your knowledge-grow your wealth.
Todos los negocios necesitan algún tipo de financiamiento. Aprenda cómo recaudar capital, pedir dinero, prestado y administrar las operaciones financieras de su negocio.
A panel of Latina authors will discuss their inspirations and challenges from the initial idea to the actual publication of their works.
Deepen your self-awareness build skills and make a valuable investment to increase your job stability. Build a strong foundation and develop practical knowledge to jumpstart your career.
Build your knowledge about the essential parts of community empowerment. Effectively participate in the civic process. Focus your efforts on leadership, advocacy and get out the vote strategies. Make your voice heard.

Friday  October 22nd, 2010

9:00 am - 10:15 am
Social media has impacted the way organizations communicate with their customers. Understand the new high tech communication connecting business and people.
HWC works hard to expose you to as many learning and training opportunities as possible. Deepen your knowledge and tap into amazing potential to effectively develop an action plan for success.
HWC’s vision is to promote healthy living and disease prevention. Protect your well being by making simple changes in your daily routine and adding exercise to your life and become a healthier person overall.

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