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Previous Institutes

Past events and HWC History

2010      25th Anniversary: 
"Latina Power: Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence"

2009  Twenty Fourth Conference: "Latina Power: Rise to Service and Change"
 Twenty Third Conference:  "Latina Power:  A Call to Action"

Twenty Second Conference: "Latina Power: A Call to Action"
 Twenty First Conference:  "Latina Power:  The Billion Dollar Market"

Twentieth Conference: "Latinas: Legacies in Leadership"


Nineteenth Conference: Latina Power!


Eighteenth Conference: "Latinas: Our Foundation, Our Future"

2002 Seventeenth Conference: "Latinas: Building Our Nation"
2001 Sixteenth Conference: "Latinas: The Emerging Market"
2000 Fifteenth Conference: "Impacto Mundial - Global Impact"
1999 Fourteenth Conference: "Hispanas en la Nueva Era - Hispanas in the New Century"
1998 Thirteenth Conference: "Abrazando El Futuro...Aceptando El Desafio - Embracing the Future... Meeting the Challenge"
1997 Twelfth Conference: "Hispanas: El Nuevo Milenio, Nuestra Voz... Nuestro Futuro - Hispanas: The New Millennium Our Voice... Our Future"
1996 Eleventh Conference: "Unidas Con Brazo Abiertos... Guiamos, Inspiramos y Damos El Poder - United With Open Arms We... Guide, Inspire and Empower"
1995 Tenth Conference: "Celebrando Nuestras Fuerzas Ayers, Hoy, y Manana - Celebrating Our Strengths Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
1993 Ninth Conference: "Hispanas: La Vision y La Fuerza - Hispanas: The Vision and the Strength"
1992 Seventh Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute
1991 Eigth Conference: "Preparandonos Para el Nuevo Siglo - Preparing for The New Century"
Sixth Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute
1990 Fifth Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute
1989 Seventh Conference: "Una Perpectiva Nacional - A National Perspective"
Fourth Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute
1988 Sixth Conference: "La Diferencia - Making the Difference"
Third Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute
1987 The Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute established
First and Second Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute
1986 Fifth Conference: "Celebrado Con Orgullo - A Proud Celebration"
1985 Fourth Conference: "Hispanas, La Fuerza de Arizona - Hispanas, The Strength of Arizona"
Incorporation: The Hispanic Women's Corporation
1984 Third Conference: "Hispanas, El Futuro - Hispanas, The Future"
1983 Second Conference: "Juntas Progresaremos - Progressing Together"
1982 First Conference: "Juntas Nos Mejoramos - Getting Better Together"
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