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Welcome to the Hispanic Women's Corporation (HWC). The Board of Directors is very excited to launch this site into an era of providing you with up to date information on the latest issues and events within the Latino communities throughout the nation. Furthermore, HWC will plan to showcase the scholars chosen every year and to follow them through their chosen academic programs.

The Hispanic Women's Corporation (HWC) was founded in 1981 as a result of a series of meetings among Latina women whose shared experiences sparked recognition that Latinos have unique social concerns, cultural challenges and opportunities requiring exploration. Their diverse backgrounds in corporations, government and educational institutions led to the establishment of the HWC leadership and professional development institutes for women and students.  HWC now has become a national force drawing over 2000 attendees to the Executive, Professional and Youth Leadership Institutes. Continuing our HWC Youth Leadership Institute is imperative as we focus on the future of our 500 students annually in their junior high and high school years for higher education academic preparation and career initiatives.

Many thanks to the current and previous board members, conference chairs, hundreds of volunteers, generous sponsors and individual donors who have made the vision and mission of the Hispanic Women's Corporation a long term reality serving latinas and students throughout the years!

- Gracias!

Linda Mazon Gutierrez President,
Hispanic Women's Corporation

Linda Mazon Gutierrez President

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